The teachers are Rossana Galanzi, Maria Paola Stefani and Sergio Rossetti.
They are all direct students of Lino Miele e Tina Pizzimenti . They have practiced Ashtanga yoga for many years having also trained in Mysore under the guidance of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.
Maura Senesi is a direct student of AYRI's teachers and she assists and teaches at the Institute.
The teachers also assist Lino Miele in his retreats and workshops in Italy and abroad.
Lino Miele periodically holds workshops in the Astanga Yoga Research Institute of Roma.

Classes Schedule

The Institute will be closed from 3 to 31 August

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
7,30 Advanced Practice 7,30 Advanced Practice 10,00 Advanced Practice
13,00 Advanced Practice 13,00 Advanced Practice 13,00 Advanced Practice 10,30 Led Class
17,30 Advanced Practice 17,30 Advanced Practice 17,30 Advanced Practice
19,30 Led Class 19,30 Led Class

- The classes at 7.30 can be accessed up to 8.00; the classes end at 9.30
- The classes at 13.00 end at 15.00
- The classes at 17.00 end at 19.00
- The classes at 17.30 can be accessed up to 19.00; the classes end at 20.15

Introduction Class: This lesson is specifically designed for students who have never tried Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga before.

Led Class: Beginners students - The teacher leads the class through part of the First Series following the Vinyasa system and prepares the student to progress.

Advanced Practice Class: Advanced students - This is a "self practice" class supervised by a teacher.
It requires the student to know the sequences of the asana (postures). The Teacher follows the students and corrects the asana "hands on" when necessary. This method helps to consolidate and develop each student's individual practice.